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The NDLR repository service - 25,000 teaching and learning Open Education Resources

Through the NDLR service you can find, share and discuss learning and teaching resources, shared by the Irish Higher Education community. The NDLR is a HEA funded service between the seven Universities, the thirteen Institutes of Technology and Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland to support the collaboration and sharing of higher education digital teaching and learning resources. The NDLR is a free and open online community of resources designed primarily for faculty of higher education in Ireland to share their learning materials. The NDLR service focuses on: •Producing a full on-going repository service for digital teaching and learning resources. •Developing and supporting communities of academics in different academic disciplines. COLLECTIONS:  Agriculture, forestry and fishery Crop and livestock production Fishery Forestry Horticulture Veterinary Sciences, Agriculture and related subjects  Architecture and building Architecture and town planning Architecture, Building and Planning Construction and Civil Engineering  Arts Art history Audio-visual techniques and media production Craft skills Creative Arts and Design Cultural studies Design Fine arts Music, drama and performing arts  Biological Sciences Biological Sciences Biology and biochemistry Environmental sciences  Business & management Accountancy and taxation Business and Administrative studies Business Information Systems Economics Enterprise Agility Finance, banking, insurance Management and administration Marketing and communication Personnel & Employment Relations Secretarial and office work Wholesale and retail sales Working life  Computer Science Computer science Computer use Mathematical and Computer Sciences  Delivering Systematic Change (SIF 1 project) Documentation  Education and Academic support Academic teaching and learning support Education Education science Learning Technology Research methods Training of teachers and educators Vocational education  Engineering and engineering trades Biotechnology and bioengineering Chemical Engineering Construction and civil engineering Electrical, electronic and communications engineering Energy technology and engineering Engineering Mechanical engineering Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft Percolate Project - MM409  Environmental protection Community sanitation services Environmental protection technology Natural environments and wildlife  Health Dental science Epidemiology and Public Health Infection Prevention and Control Medical diagnostic and treatment technology Medicine Medicine and Dentistry Nursing, Midwifery and Clinical Skills Pharmacy Subjects allied to Medicine Therapy and rehabilitation  Humanities Classics (History and archaeology) Content and Language Integrated Learning for modern languages and Irish English language and literature European Languages, Literature and related subjects Gender/women’s studies Historical and Philosophical studies History and Archaeology Irish language & literature Irish World Academy of Music & Dance Modern languages & literature Philosophy and ethics Religion and theology  Digital E-Collections EPB: Aibidil Gaoidheilge & caiticiosma (Digital Image Collection) EPB: An Hibernian atlas, or, General description of the kingdom of Ireland (Digital Image Collection) EPB: Taylor and Skinner's maps of the roads of Ireland (Digital Image Collection) History of Art & Architecture - The Stalley Collection (Digital Image Collection) Medieval History Research Centre - The Barry Archaeological Archive (Digital Image Collection) Nicholas K. Robinson Collection of Caricature Ordnance Survey Irish Historical Maps [Testing Access Restriction] TCD MS 00942: Original drawings and paintings of Ireland and Scotland, Vol. 1 (Digital Image Collection) TCD MS 02208: A true collection of several letters on various subjects (Digital Image Collection) TCD MS 03328: Further experiences of an Irish RM (Digital Image Collection) TCD MS 11103: Course of practical artillery (Digital Image Collection) TRIARC - Crookshank-Glin Collection (Digital Image Collection) TRIARC - Edwin Rae Collection (Digital Image Collection) TRIARC - Modern and Contemporary Irish Art Collection (Digital Image Collection)  The Magazine of Magazines  Law International Law Law  Manufacturing and processing Food processing Materials (wood, paper, plastic, glass) Mining and extraction Textiles, clothes, footwear, leather  Mathematics and statistics Mathematics Statistics  Media, Information and Library Studies Journalism, publishing and reporting Library, information and archival studies  MyRI - an Open Access bibliometrics toolkit MyRI Booklets MyRI Computer Science materials MyRI Datasheets MyRI General Online Tutorial MyRI Geography MyRI Guidelines on the use of this material MyRI Posters MyRI Presentations MyRI Product Profiles for the Main Tools MyRI Videos MyRI Worksheets  old ndlr Old NDLR  Physical science Chemistry Earth sciences Geography Physical Sciences Physics  Primary Schools Primary Schools Geography Primary Schools History Resources Primary Schools ICT Resources  Security services Military and defence Occupational health and safety Protection of persons and property  Service and Leisure Industry Domestic services Hair and beauty services Hotel, restaurant and catering Sports Science & Recreation Travel, tourism and leisure  Social and behavioural sciences Political science Psychology Social studies Sociology  Social Work and Social Care Child and Family Research Centre Child care and youth services Social work and counselling  Tourism and Hospitality Smart CoP  Innovations Management Marketing Product  Jobs Employment & Careers Graduate Programmes Part-time Jobs  Market Reports International Irish  Organisations International - Professional International - Trade Irish - Professional Irish - Trade  Recommendations Blogs Books Websites  Sectors Accommodation Food & Drink Leisure Meetings & Events Transport Travel Distribution  Transport services  Veterinary Medicine
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