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YouTube - Video Sharing on the Web - gratis onlinekurs från ALISON

This course is free to access for individual study from ALISON (Unesco Award, 2010). YouTube is the No. 1 video sharing Web site in the world. Everyday millions of users upload and view videos on YouTube - now you can be part of this experience too. This free online course shows you how to create an account on YouTube, set up your own YouTube channel, upload videos to your account, and select your favourite videos. Use this course to learn about YouTube and you can share your videos with the world. Keywords: YouTube | YouTube account | YouTube videos | Video sharing | YouTube channels | Favorite videos | YouTube downloader | For further information, please contact: Odhran Irwin Ireland: +353-91-680-103 UK: +44-207-990-8508 USA: +1-202-403-3223 * ABOUT ALISON: ALISON provides FREE online interactive multimedia courses with certification. Over 500,000 people, young and old, have studied with ALISON worldwide since its launch in 2007. ALISON offers over 200 FREE courses covering a wide range of subjects, the most popular being basic IT Skills Training and English Language. Other certified learning subjects on ALISON includes: Health and Safety, Psychometrics, Financial and Health Literacy, Business and Information Technology Skills, Psychology, Economics, Government Policy, General Science, Mathematics, Law, Outdoor Education, Visual Communication and Design. Many ALISON learners study individually, but over 300,000 study as part of groups managed by trainers/tutors in schools, colleges, and within a variety of workplaces and community groups. The mission of ALISON is to enable, anyone, anywhere, to educate themselves for free via interactive multimedia on any subject online. ALISON is a privately owned social enterprise based in Galway, Ireland and is promoted with the help of 3,000 volunteers worldwide.
Sökord: Film videoredigering filmklippning filmproduktioner
Ämne: Teknik, industri, kommunikationer
Kategori: Lärobjekt lärare
Författare: Publisher: Russell Stannard
Medförfattare: ALISON
År: 2010
Språk: Engelska
Nivågradering: Gymnasium/vux,Högskola,Övriga,
Filnamn: Länka till YouTube-Create-an-Account-Upload-and-View-Videos
Filtyp:   com/courses/YouTube-Create-an-Account-Upload-and-View-Videos (Mediatyp: link)
Skapare: mbrenner
Skapad den: 2010.11.06 19:32
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